Top 4 sniper gun in pubg mibile lite || best sniper rifle in pubg mobile lite

 Best Sniper gun in pubg mobile

 Namste Friends, in this article I am discuss about best sniper gun in pubg mobile lite, In this era of gaming there will be few people who do not know about the pubg.

best sniper rifle in pubg mobile lite

Today we are going to talk about top 4 pubg snipper gun in pubg lite

 If you know about pubg, we will let you know today.

Top 4 Sniper gun in pubg mobile lite

 Top 5 Sniper gun in pubg

Not only in Pubg Game but all BATTLE ground games if there is no sniper gun then what is the benefit of that game

Sniper is very important in all the battleground games, if you have a squad, then there will definitely be a sniper in your team and today we will tell you four best sniper gun that will give you a lot of damage from a single head shot. Has the ability to fly helmets up to 3 levels. Friends, it has the same power not only in the game but also in real life as the game is the most liked spiner gun AWM in the world.

It is not only famous in the game but in real life also sniper likes it a lot more.

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In today’s post, we will compare the best sniper guns with each other.

  • Kar 98
  • M24
  • Awm
  • WIN 94

Awm sniper information in hindi

Friends, it cannot be said about sniper gun and the name of AWM does not come.

Awm Damage in pubg lite

Bullet speed – 945 m / s

Damge – 105

Firing mode – Single

Mathod – Method

Top 4 sniper in in pubg mobile lite.

Kar98 sniper information in hindi

Friends kar98 is also a great sniper gun

I have given it the second number in the case of snapper, friends, this is a great gun.

Kar98 Damage in pubg lite

Bullet speed – 760 m / s

Damge – 79

Firing mode – Single

Mathod – One by One + Stripper clip

Ammo – 7.62 mm

M24 gun information in hindi.

Talking about the M24 vs kar98, both of them are rude in themselves, there is no competition in each other. Most people like the car 98 and I am giving you this information under my knowledge.

 M24 Damage in pubg lite

Bullet speed – 790 m / s

Damge – 75

Firing mode – Single

Mathod – Magazine

Ammo – 7.62 mm

Win 94 sniper information in hindi

Friends win 94 is a great gun, we can see you below static.

In this gun you get a damage of 66. With its two bullets, you can kill any player and when you run it, you can play it in the best way.

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